Loretta’s accounting career began when she founded Cherry Ridge Bookkeeping in Sebastopol, CA in 1979.  She quickly moved on to become in house controller for two emerging companies in the herbal industry.

She was recruited as head staff accountant and programmer for one of the top accounting firms in Sonoma County, CA.  Her client work included Hollywood actors, famous musicians and world renown fine artists.

Loretta moved to Oregon in 1992 specifically to work with friends she met in the Northwest Coast Salish community and founded On Track Business Service in 1993.  On Track opened its doors in Portland’s Union Station, directly above the passenger loading platform.

On Track has guided many Portland organizations to the great success they enjoy today.  Loretta’s work was especially focused on Portland’s film, non-profit, artist, restaurant and software organizations during its first 11 years in Oregon.  These relationships have made On Track gifted in helping the creative community navigate the sometimes difficult waters of bureaucracy and taxes.

Family changes and circumstance caused Loretta to give up many of her clients and move back to Northern California for a few years.  She’s back in Portland and ready to nurture another group of emerging and established organizations to success and prosperity.

A few Testimonials:

On Time, Professional & Honest

I have worked with On Track for over 16 years. She helped us through the volatile economic times with her amazing cash flow skills, and celebrated with us with good tax planning strategies when times were more profitable.—Jim Blashfield

On Track prevented a costly audit and tax penalties

Loretta spotted a potentially disastrous payroll tax problem in one of our out of state offices. She brought the situation to our attention, and gave us precise instructions. When the the anticipated letters from the government arrived, we were prepared and the situation was resolved with one letter from On Track. We are eternally grateful to Loretta’s team for saving us thousands of dollars in penalties and taxes and hours of federal auditor visits.—Katrina Taylor, Director

Save money at tax time!

Loretta provides my CPA firm exactly what they need to keep my tax planning and preparation on track. My tax preparation bills are half of what they once cost our company.—Joe Zimmerman, Sweetwaters